Software and Services to Manage Devices and Data

CANDI software operates at the core edge-to-cloud data layer within enterprise-grade commercial solutions for facilities and energy management. If you are a Systems Integrator, Service Provider, VAR or Developer who provides solutions that could benefit from CANDI’s data access, security and ecosystem management capabilities, contact us through the form below on this page. Let’s discuss which CANDI software products are right for your solution.

PowerTools® — Device and Data Management

PowerTools® is a web-based application for systems integrators, installers and facilities managers. It securely connects to one or more gateways powered by CANDI’s IoT Server software, to discover, provision and manage devices and data in smart buildings.

If you have a PowerTools account, you can access the PowerTools application at

For more information on PowerTools, or to request a PowerTools account, email us at, or fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Unity™ — Bi-Directional Data Services

Unity™ is a data access and streaming service for service providers and application developers. It provides secure, normalized connections to devices in smart buildings, enabling near real-time monitoring and control capabilities for analytics, visualization, rules and other value-add services. Unity is available on a subscription basis to authorized CANDI partners through Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite, CANDI’s web-standards-based API, custom API adaptors and other services.

For more information on subscribing to the Unity data service, email us at, or fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

IoT Server® — Gateway Integration Software

IoT Server® is firmware embedded in gateways and industrial PCs for smart building and IoT applications. It communicates across protocols to integrate and normalize data from on-site devices, and links that data and those devices to cloud-based services. CANDI provides its IoT Server for inclusion on board leading gateway products and platforms, such as Intel’s Building Management Platform.

To learn about including IoT Server in your gateway product, email us at, or fill out and submit the form at the bottom of this page.

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