CANDI simplifies IoT installations

Complex IoT protocols and networking issues make smart building installations expensive and time-consuming. CANDI dramatically simplifies smart building deployments to reduce costs and increase options.

Simply install a cost-effective CANDI-enabled gateway from one of the industry’s top manufacturers. Our technology automatically bridges the communication protocols for best-in-class legacy building systems and IoT devices and sensors. CANDI easily integrates a wide range of cost-effective smart products, including communicating meters, switches, thermostats, lights, sensors, inverters, cameras, gateways, building controls, and appliances.

Now you can recommend and install the smart building products that fit your business and your customers’ needs, today and into the future.

Up-to-the-minute, secure data and insight

Near real-time data from a full range of building systems and devices can be correlated and analyzed to help customers make better operational decisions for lower costs. Data collection is reliable, secure, and integrated across systems, and is available from our secure cloud server 24/7. You can authenticate to access data and control via our open API, or leverage industry-leading tools via CANDI’s existing link into Microsoft’s Azure IoT Suite for normalized IoT data and control.

Save onsite service for when it’s really needed

Installing sensors helps you track customers’ assets for performance, and improve customer satisfaction with lower maintenance costs. Instead of sending out maintenance crews on a regular schedule to check on building systems, you can send crews only when data indicates that they’re needed. And remote updates through our secure cloud service nearly eliminate the need for onsite updating and provisioning of IoT devices.

Significant new business opportunities

  1. Provide superior customer outcomes. Customers want the advantages that smart buildings promise to help conserve resources, cut operational costs, and reduce waste.
  2. Help customers meet green building goals. Provide unprecedented access and control of devices to monitor usage and reduce waste.
  3. Expand your market. Finally, you can offer cost-effective smart building services even to mainstream commercial buildings under 100,000sf.
  4. Complementary to other offerings. CANDI technology is a bridge to existing and future IoT devices. It’s easy and inexpensive to install and support as part of your broader IoT services.
  5. Increase wallet share. Cost savings from energy usage can be applied to your enhanced services and infrastructure, for additional revenue and customer satisfaction.

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