Take your building to the cloud—quickly, easily, and cost-effectively

CANDI lets you connect your building systems and equipment in one easy step. Simply install a CANDI-enabled gateway from one of the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including Intel, Dell, Advantech, and others. These are priced for mainstream buildings, from $50 to $1,000 depending on volume and application.

Turn it on and the gateway finds many smart building devices automatically. Provision others in minutes through a simple point-and-click interface. CANDI gives you instant communication to legacy building systems as well as existing (and future) IoT sensors and controls. Because our technology bridges the most popular protocols and APIs, you’re free to choose from a huge range of smart building products and features that meet your specific needs.

Instant access, instant control

You’ll immediately be able to monitor your devices using our integrated, user-friendly PowerTools app on a smartphone or tablet. And our bidirectional communication means you can remotely control those devices as well, either individually through the app or by pre-setting rules-based controls.

Integrate with analytics and building intelligence services

CANDI delivers the data from your devices through our secure cloud operations center to integrate with 3rd-party analytics and building intelligence systems that you choose. Our open platform enables their data gathering, analytics, dashboards, mobile apps, and web portals. And they can use the data we generate to support your process optimization, demand management, billing, and sustainability application needs.

Scalable for multiple buildings

CANDI helps building owners and operators conserve resources, cut operational costs, and reduce waste—even across real estate portfolios. Monitor usage, maintenance, and other critical data streams by correlating data from multiple sources or by individual property. Remotely diagnose, analyze, and control devices across multiple locations. We give you a secure, single-pane-of-glass service to manage individual sites, individual users, and permissions.

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