Take your building to the cloud

CANDI connects devices and data in mainstream commercial buildings to cloud-based services for energy and facilities management. Our open IoT server bridges established and popular communication protocols, so you get secure access to best-in-class legacy systems and IoT devices—directly or through leading cloud-based apps and services. The result is vastly improved insight into your operations as well as management, monitoring, and control of infrastructure systems and IoT devices.

CANDI enables your IoT administrative services, data gathering, mobile apps, API integration, web portals and gateways. You can use the data we generate and services we link to for analytics, process optimization, demand management, billing and sustainability applications.

Think you can’t afford it? Think again.

Millions of commercial buildings spend too much on operations, utilities, and maintenance. These mainstream buildings—typically 25,000sf to 100,000sf—make up the majority of commercial real estate in North America. But because traditional building management systems are prohibitively expensive to install and maintain, 90% of these buildings lack any smart technology to manage assets, monitor usage, or control equipment and devices.

CANDI changes the equation.

We make smart building management easy, fast and affordable. Significant ROI is often achieved within months.

It comes down to connectivity

For the majority of buildings, existing control systems are too expensive, complex, and proprietary to deliver the benefits promised by the IoT.

The problem comes down to connectivity:

  • A maze of non-interoperable communications standards makes it expensive and difficult to access different types of devices and correlate their data.
  • Existing building subsystem equipment requires expensive retrofits and programming to allow remote access and monitoring.
  • Several new IoT-generation solutions are available but most are limited silos (thermostats-only, lights-only, security-only) and don’t integrate for true building management.

Today, that’s all changed.

It all Works with CANDI

CANDI technology bridges the complex, proprietary protocols and transport layers of building systems and IoT devices—legacy, current, and future. Our open platform IoT server software is built into the industry’s top gateways, so you get immediate and inexpensive connectivity. Simply install the gateway in your building for easy set-up


Service Providers

Easily access devices and data. Expand your reach and reduce cost.



Building Managers

Make your building a smart building. Get instant access, instant control.



Systems Integrators/VARs

Reduce deployment costs and complexity. Expand your market opportunities.