CANDI is scalable and fully bi-directional, which means you get sophisticated management, detailed monitoring and instant control of smart building devices and equipment across your portfolio.

Manage more buildings and systems

We’ve done the heavy lifting to develop and extensively test drivers for hundreds of the most prevalent protocols and devices—both legacy and next-generation—to certify that they Work with CANDI. BACnet, Ethernet and Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Modbus, X-Bee, Z-Wave, INSTEON powerline, UPnP, serial, and scores of manufacturer-specific communications are covered.

We don’t require proprietary ecosystems or endpoint software agents to be installed. And our bi-directional communication provides the ability to not only acquire data, but also to analyze and remotely control devices. Our APIs and built-in rules engine allow easy creation of rules and run-time control in near-real time, so you can manage devices using manual buttons, preset rules, data thresholds, timers, or event triggers via mobile apps or a web portal.

Cloud and edge: the best of both

CANDI-powered gateways work right out of the box:

  • Discover, provision, monitor and control devices within minutes using our integrated, user-friendly PowerTools app.
  • Set up rules and alerts to run at the edge on the gateway.
  • Expand capabilities to new devices and protocols by plugging in optional USB or network-based radio bridges.

CANDI’s gateway-side software executes rules and responds to API commands locally, with sub-second timing, to support smart building services even if the Internet connection is lost.

Once your sites are set up, connect through our secure cloud operations center to deploy and manage multiple locations, and integrate with third-party services such as analytics, dashboards, and building intelligence systems.

CANDI’s highly secure IT cloud service administers each client’s collection of sites, gateways, and devices. For smaller portfolios, CANDI hosts customers on its Google Cloud infrastructure. For larger clients with many sites and for offshore businesses, it can run as a black box on major IT platforms at data centers globally, or behind client firewalls.

Scalable, single pane-of-glass management

CANDI complements your existing business intelligence applications and services with a single-pane-of-glass administrative interface to gateways, devices, data, installers, users, links to 3rd-party apps, rules, and settings across all your smart building sites. This direct, secure path into each site allows remote provisioning and upgrades, account permissions and oversight, support, logs, alerts, and maintenance.