Interoperability challenge: solved

CANDI has accomplished what no other company has: a technology-agnostic, cross-protocol solution for device and data management that enables smart buildings more quickly, easily, and cost-effectively than ever before.

Affordable smart buildings

CANDI enables high-impact data, monitoring, and controls for commercial buildings. Deploying IoT devices with an analytics service and CANDI-powered gateway is quick and cost-effective, and can return significant ROI within months.


Device & data management

CANDI’s cloud-to-edge administrative tools provide bi-directional communications between smart building devices and the cloud-based services that analyze and act on data. You get a scalable suite of features in a single pane of glass, to remotely manage your smart buildings and assets.


Industry-leading security

CANDI software, gateways, and cloud-based services have been independently audited by leading security services and Fortune 500 companies. And CANDI is the world’s first company selected by the Future of Privacy Forum and certified “Privacy Smart” by TRUSTE for protecting end user data.


Data quality

Smart buildings generate enormous amounts of data. How that data is handled and tracked is critical to the effectiveness of analytics and business intelligence apps. CANDI preserves the quality and accuracy of data in transit between devices at the edge and services in the cloud.