Memoori: Intel and CANDI are opening up the mid-market for smart buildings

Memoori Smart Building Research finds that Intel, CANDI and Lucid are making the Building Internet of Things (BIOT) accessible to the mid-market.

What if turning a building into a smart building was easier; say as easy as setting up a wireless router? That’s what tech-giant Intel is proposing ahead of the release of their Building Management Platform (BMP) later this year.

Over the last two years, Intel has been working with its partners to produce a low cost, easy to install, IoT sever – the BMP. An early version of the BMP was showcased at IBCon show in June, which featured hardware from Advantech, software from Wind River and Lucid, middleware from Candi Controls, and cyber-security from McAfee. The release of first official version is expected in the next few months.

The “goal is to have this out in the market this year,” said Thierry Godart, Intel’s general manager of energy solutions. “This technology enables a simpler solution for installation, a software-as-a-service approach for applications, and a large and diverse ecosystem of hardware and software vendors.”

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