Intel Building Management Platform (BMP) Launches—with CANDI Software Inside

After months of anticipation, the Intel® Building Management Platform (BMP) launched today with CANDI PowerTools software at its heart. This marks a new chapter for the building management market, which has historically focused on only the largest commercial buildings that could justify the high cost of traditional smart building technologies. Today, all that changes.

Intel BMP makes it far simpler and more cost-effective for software developers, system integrators (SIs), value-add resellers (VARs), and building operators to take advantage of new smart building technologies. Importantly, this includes legacy building management systems as well as new, low-cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The need for easy connectivity across all of these protocols — as well as providing management and access to edge data from open, cloud-based systems — is why Intel chose CANDI PowerTools software.

High-value data at low cost and effort

CANDI PowerTools is being built into low-cost, quick-to-install Intel IoT commercial gateways from leading manufacturers, including the popular Advantech UTX-3115. These CANDI-enabled gateways are the backbone of Intel’s BMP. For the first time, they allow high-value data from building systems to be accessed with minimal cost and effort.

CANDI’s device and data management software bridges popular new IoT protocols and APIs—as well as legacy protocols and standards—including BACnet, Modbus, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, INSTEON, and others. The software makes it quick and easy—and often automatic—for an installer or building operator to integrate disparate smart devices such as meters, switches, HVAC equipment, thermostats, lights, sensors, cameras, and building controls.

After normalizing data from IoT devices and building systems, PowerTools then securely transfers that data to the cloud and third-party applications for business intelligence (BI), analytics, dashboards, and other applications. Encrypted remote access to this data is available through Candi’s RESTful API as well as cloud-based services such as Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, Lucid BuildingOS, WinWire, Enernoc, Volteo and others, for a complete smart building solution.

Intel BMP ecosystem architecture

Secure, two-way communication unlocks remote control and management

Along with CANDI’s PowerTools software, Intel’s BMP also integrates a commercial-grade, secure embedded Linux operating system from Wind River and cybersecurity essentials from McAfee Embedded Security. The complete platform helps solution providers accelerate deployment of smart building management systems based on industry-leading, IT-friendly technologies.

Another unique feature is PowerTools’ two-way, cross-protocol communication capability. This unlocks remote control and management of building systems for third party applications. Through CANDI’s cloud-based provisioning, monitoring, and control capabilities, those applications give building owners and operators real-time data and analytics to better manage their operational and maintenance costs. The result is high return on investment for compelling new tools and services that address energy, operations, maintenance, and sustainability goals for smart buildings.

Unprecedented smart building opportunities for solution providers

CANDI software within Intel BMP changes the game for solution providers, system integrators (SIs), and value-added resellers (VARs). It leverages low-cost, appealing, real-time solutions using IoT-generation devices, apps and technologies. That lets SIs, VARs and installers scale smart building solutions across more sites and with faster time to market, lower deployment costs and more accessible data—enabling innovative solutions to sell into new markets.

And by the way, those new markets span the 90% of commercial buildings in North America that are under 100,000 square feet—many of which have no smart building technologies at all. That’s a huge untapped opportunity.

We’re thrilled to have been chosen by Intel—an IoT industry leader—to provide these critical capabilities for new smart building management opportunities. Come learn more about what CANDI and the Intel Building Management Platform can do for you:
For service providers
For building managers
For system integrators & VARs

We’re ready to help you integrate CANDI and the Intel Building Management Platform with your smart building services. Contact us to learn how.

For more information on the Intel Building Management Platform, visit the Intel BMP web site.

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About the Author:

Steve Raschke is the CEO and Founder of CANDI, and has over two decades of experience leading teams focused on networked data and building control systems. He has authored numerous patents, white papers and industry articles, and holds awards for innovations in control systems and electronics.