An Ideal IoT Environment is Enduring

Ideal IoT environments need to stand the test of time. Innovation will constantly produce new ideas, products and applications. Market forces transform business strategies and companies. Change is unstoppable, and in this fast-moving market it comes quickly. In the dynamic, interdependent ecosystems of the IoT, how do we avoid system-wide collapse when key components or providers change? How do we ensure the ability of our solutions to Endure?

Venn diagram of Ideal IoT Environment - EnduringThe answer is straightforward: when designed to be both Open and Flexible, IoT solutions then also become Enduring. As the IoT market develops, the addition, removal or replacement of any key component becomes easier when the other components are designed to Endure the impact of change. Beyond Open and Flexible design, the Endurance of IoT solutions can also be enhanced via methods such as: remote upgradability and rollback; business continuity and fail-over mechanisms; best practices in security and privacy; interface capability with redundant devices, protocols and back-end services, and more.

For IoT solutions, Endurance reduces risk of system obsolescence. Endurance promotes continuity. Endurance encourages broader functionality over time. Endurance appeals to customers. In an Enduring IoT Environment, application and service providers can worry less that component changes will cause their systems to fail. Customers will gain confidence in their buying decision. Business models become more prepared for new services and new revenue sources.

At CANDI we support an Open, Flexible and Enduring IoT Environment, and we build software that aspires to those principles. We welcome the opportunity to explore collaboration together as this environment grows. You can learn more by emailing us at

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Steve Raschke is the CEO and Founder of CANDI, and has over two decades of experience leading teams focused on networked data and building control systems. He has authored numerous patents, white papers and industry articles, and holds awards for innovations in control systems and electronics.