CANDI takes an innovative approach to create smart buildings

Traditional building management systems embed intelligence in a narrow range of equipment and devices on the ground, limited to proprietary siloes in boiler rooms, rooftops, and one-off dashboards. CANDI recognized early on that today’s smart buildings require better integration across many types of existing and new equipment, with connections to a choice of web-based services.

So we set out to do what no one thought could be done. We created an open software translation layer that automatically coordinates data communication between legacy building control subsystems, next-generation IoT devices, and best-in-class business intelligence apps for smart buildings.

At the edge and in the cloud

  • At the “edge” in buildings, our open software suite supports the leading transport layers and protocols including BACnet, Modbus, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, Z-Wave, serial, powerline, and many manufacturer-specific interfaces. No software agents are required in the devices and controls. No retrofits. No onsite upgrades. No additional IT layers or complex programming.
  • In the cloud, CANDI securely connects smart buildings to leading apps and services that provide business intelligence, analytics, dashboards, reporting, remote control, and alerts to building owners and operators.

Simple, inexpensive, smart—and available now

CANDI’s software is already at the heart of smart building gateways from the industry’s most trusted manufacturers, including Intel, Dell, Advantech, Sercomm, Logic Supply and others.

CANDI-enabled gateways range in price from about $50 to over $1,000 depending on volume and application. Gateways include auto-discovery features to find many smart building devices within seconds, and a simple drag-and-drop interface to provision and test devices. You get instant communication to legacy building systems as well as existing (and future) IoT sensors and controls.

Choose your deployment model

You can choose to monitor and control your smart building right away using our integrated, user-friendly PowerTools app. Or you can connect through our secure cloud operations interface to deploy and manage multiple locations, and integrate with third-party analytics, dashboards and BI apps. You can even create your own visualization and control solution through our free, open API.

It all Works with CANDI

Our experts have developed communication drivers for the most prevalent North American building controls and IoT devices—both legacy and next-generation. These devices have been tested and are certified to Work with CANDI. New drivers and firmware are regularly developed and automatically updated through CANDI’s secure cloud connection for current—and future—connectivity and control. That’s a dramatic difference from siloed end-point solutions that trap you in a proprietary ecosystem or approaches that require software agents to be built into devices.

To connect with CANDI software and services, see our Get CANDI product page.