At IBcon 2016, June 21-24 in San Jose, California, Intel showcased a collection of Intel-based connected building solutions to demonstrate how IoT technologies enable significant new cost savings and efficiency gains from next-generation smart building gateways and services.

As a leader in the IoT space, Intel is addressing a previously un-met need in the building automation market with the Intel Building Management Platform (Intel® BMP). Intel BMP combines CANDI’s PowerTools device and data management software, Wind River operating system, and McAfee security. Together, they create a powerful, cost-effective platform designed to deliver data securely from devices at the edge to cloud-based services and apps.

Intel’s goal is to help solution providers deliver efficiency-enabling services and applications to market faster for small and mid-size commercial buildings. These mid-market buildings make up some 85% of the commercial real estate in the U.S.. That’s over 5 million buildings. Unfortunately, nearly 90% of them have no smart building technologies installed today.

The problem comes down to connectivity. This fundamental stumbling block has made smart buildings too expensive, complex, and limited for mainstream buildings.

  • A maze of non-interoperable communications standards makes it expensive and difficult to access different types of devices and correlate their data.
  • Existing building subsystem equipment requires expensive retrofits and programming to allow remote access and monitoring.
  • Several new IoT-generation solutions are available but most are limited silos (thermostats-only, lights-only, security-only) and don’t integrate for true building management.

Today, that’s all changed.

Intel BMP, integrated with CANDI PowerTools, provides the first secure cloud-based IoT management solution that gives mobile and web-based applications easy access to data and devices in smart buildings. CANDI software bridges the largest array of the industry’s leading building systems and sensors, and filters and securely transfers their data to the cloud (or on-premise servers). All of the protocol translations needed to communicate are handled seamlessly by CANDI software.

With this CANDI-enabled building management system, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers can quickly and easily deploy a wide range of applications. We help them reduce their cost of deployment, scale their businesses more cost-effectively, and deliver exciting new services to new markets.

CANDI is proud to be powering device and data management for the Intel Building Management  Platform. Contact us for more information.