About Steve Raschke

Steve Raschke is the CEO and Founder of CANDI, and has over two decades of experience leading teams focused on networked data and building control systems. He has authored numerous patents, white papers and industry articles, and holds awards for innovations in control systems and electronics.

CANDI Integrates with Intel Building Management Platform to Provide Edge-to-Cloud IoT Data Access

Memoori Smart Building Research finds that Intel and CANDI are now making the Building Internet of Things (BIOT) accessible to the mid-market.

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Intel Building Management Platform (BMP) Launches—with CANDI Software Inside

After months of anticipation, the Intel® Building Management Platform (BMP) launched today with CANDI PowerTools software at its heart. This marks a new chapter for the building management market, which has historically focused on only the largest commercial buildings that could justify the high cost of traditional smart building technologies. Today, all that changes. Read the Full Story

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Big buildings get smart tech ‒ but what about the other 90%?

The largest buildings in the world have had smart building technology for years. It's delivered by market leaders such as Honeywell, JCI, and Schneider. But these buildings comprise barely 10% of the world’s commercial real estate. So what about the other 90%? Until recently, smart building tech that monitors and controls HVAC, lighting, power and Read the Full Story

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Leveraging Linux for Energy Smarts, Reducing Risk with IoT Standards

Embedded Systems Engineering interviews Steve Raschke on how CANDI works across IoT standards to reduce risk for product designers and software developers. Leap-frogging the IoT standards wars Embedded Systems Engineering, July 26, 2016 - CANDI and Intel are enabling embedded designers of Internet of Things equipment, sensors and switches to avoid the risk of the Read the Full Story

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IoT disrupts building controls industry, says CANDI CEO

Ken Sinclair of Automated Buildings interviews CANDI CEO Steve Raschke on how the Internet of Things is challenging the $20 billion building controls industry.

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Costs, Savings, and ROI for Smart Building Implementation

A fundamental shift is occurring in building controls, driven by a new generation of affordable, powerful Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These networked sensors and controls can be quickly and cost-effectively deployed in commercial buildings and industrial sites to generate large amounts of valuable data for analytics and automation. Building managers benefit from this granular Read the Full Story

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IoT Interoperability Is Still the Elephant in the Room

When we started CANDI in 2009, an incredible confluence of technologies was beginning. There were new generations of mobile displays, Internet access everywhere, and a deluge of low-cost smart devices that were all leading to an unprecedented connection of the "things" in people’s lives. Because our background was in distributed device and control networks, we Read the Full Story

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Gartner positions CANDI among IoT Platform Market Leaders

Gartner's IoT Research group has profiled 16 leading IoT platform vendors for 2015, positioning CANDI Controls in excellent company with GE, IBM, PTC, SAP, Microsoft, AT&T and Oracle.

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American Water Works Association publishes CANDI industrial energy use case

The American Water Works Association publishes CANDI's white paper on industrial energy monitoring at Monterey County.

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