Steve Raschke, CEO

Steve has over two decades’ experience leading teams focused on networked data and building control systems. His background includes: CEO of Sage Systems, a pioneering provider of smart grid networking and M2M demand response products and services to energy companies; VP of Operations at Engineered Environments, a global luxury systems integrator; Chairman of D-Tools, the leading design software for CEDIA systems integrators; Division Manager at AMX, a global building controls leader; Senior Manager for digital living room products at Seagate; President of Meda Systems, ground-breaking digital media streaming servers; Chief Engineer and Director of Marketing at IBM spinoff Home Director. Steve is a serial entrepreneur and team builder who has participated in multiple IPOs and acquisitions. He has authored numerous patents, white papers and industry articles, and holds awards for innovations in control systems and electronics.

Mike Anderson, VP of Software Development

Mike is a career software development leader specializing in smart grid technologies, automated metering systems, energy control systems and databases. His background includes: VP of Software Development and VP of Product Development at Trilliant Networks, a global smart meter services company; Director of Operations at Invensys, a global automation leader; VP of Engineering at Nimblefish (RR Donnelley), an enterprise marketing software service; VP of Engineering at Sage Systems, a utility demand management software services company; and CTO of Mike has authored multiple technology patents.

Douglas Harp, COO

Doug has 30 years’ experience as a technical and company leader focused on industrial automation and information systems (OT/IT/IIoT) for energy, utilities and infrastructure. His background includes 22 years at Westin Engineering as Chairman, CEO and VP of a market-leading automation and IT systems integrator; Managing Director/Founder of Utility Solution Partners, the first cloud provider for Oracle Utilities suite of billing, mobile workforce and customer service solutions; Executive Chairman of a home automation startup and Strategic advisor to a smart energy device manufacturer. Doug has led the growth of several companies, is a facilitator of high performing teams and has deep domain knowledge and leadership experience in governance, strategy, operations, sales and product/solution innovation. He is a well-known thought leader in the use of OT/IT in industrial markets and has delivered over 50 keynotes, industry presentations and published articles, and a Licensed Professional Engineer in control systems.